We received the testimonial below from Julie Newell director at Värde Partners located in Minneapolis, MN.

Just wanted to follow up after our conversation this AM regarding the excellent service I received on Monday from Matt. As I mentioned, I had a difficult computer problem that had been building up for quite a while. Matt spent a tremendous amount of time on the phone with me, working remotely and at my house. He was at my house until after 7:30. He could not have been any nicer or more pleasant.

He was unbelievably patient, smart, and resourceful. His approach was amazing – I was very frustrated and he was very calming. He was able to resolve the problem and went way above and beyond at the end to make sure things were working properly and set up adequately before he left. Even at 7:30 he was asking questions like whether I use a signature in my outlook email and wanted it set up. I felt very confident and comfortable with him helping me and in my house. I’m not sure if he had concerns or doubts about being able to resolve the issue, but if he did I certainly did not pick up on that. I felt like we (he J) were making forward progress the entire time.

You are lucky to have him working for you and I appreciate the excellent service. Even the fact that you answered the phone immediately both Monday and today when I called says a great deal about your business. Like Matt, you were also very helpful and your willingness to have him contact me right away Monday was very critical as who’d have known this would take over 10 hours!!

I will absolutely recommend your company in the future.

Thanks again for everything.

– Julie Newell – Director & General Partnership Accounting at Värde Partners

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