We received the testimonial below from Robb Bucklin the local business owner of Insight Surveys located in Savage, MN.

I have had the good fortune to know Ryan Lee (Principal of NTI) and his tech skills saved my company from more than one disaster. Once when our server (not maintained by his company at the time) was hacked and started sending out millions of spam emails that blacklisted our domain and shut down my ability to serve my customers. Ryan quickly came to the rescue and securing the server and domain preventing further damage and we were able to resume business. Again, when my login was corrupted into my Windows workstation Ryan found a way to recover my login thus saving the day once more. I have come to greatly respect Ryan and his highly trained technicians that quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve the issue(s) and trust NTI unreservedly. I’m also impressed with their level of customer service “soft skills” of patience, kindness and understanding while fixing our computers. Finally, I’m glad to know Ryan and his staff are constantly researching and testing to find the best hardware/software products and focused on minimizing security risks for his clients.  I heartily recommend NTI!

– Robb Bucklin – Principal of Insight Surveys

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