NTI (New Technology Integration) offers 24/7/365 customer service oriented IT support to businesses. We believe in a proactive and organized approach to IT. All technicians at NTI are handpicked for both their customer service skills, certifications, experience, and high level grasp of technical concepts.

Managed Service Provider(MSP) vs Break/Fix (Firefighting)

Most new clients that hire NTI have for years been using a “break/fix” approach or what we like to call the “firefighting” approach to IT.

While NTI can offer a “break/fix” approach to managing our client’s IT needs, we encourage our clients to implement a more proactive managed services approach to IT. This approach enables a client to budget for IT cost, including recurring maintenance to proactively prevent problems from occurring in the future.

Choosing a “break/fix” approach can be tempting to a small company with a limited budget, but this approach incentivizes choosing quick, short-term fixes over long-lasting but more intensive solutions. This approach costs companies more money in the long run with a lower satisfaction level.

How much better it is to prevent a fire from ever occurring to begin with than to incur lost wages, downtime, and unexpected repair costs at an inopportune time.

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Strategic Planning

It has been said that a failure to plan is a plan to fail. At NTI we whole-heartedly agree with this sentiment when it comes to IT planning. That is why we take our clients through our 10 step process shown in this flowchart. By doing these 10 steps we establish an organized, systematic approach to our client’s IT project(s).

In today’s world there are many points of failure to all technology configurations. For this reason when NTI creates an IT plan for our clients we will not only form it around their needs and wants, but will also make sure it’s focus is primarily on redundancy and security.

After the IT plan is complete the next step is to test the plan in a staging environment to ensure the implementation will be seamless when done in a production environment.

Finally we will implement the agreed upon plan. We will always schedule the implementation to be done at a time that causes the least disruption. For most clients this will be before or after hours so as to minimize downtime during a work day.

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Project Management

At NTI project management starts and ends with managing our client’s expectations and excellent communication in-between.

Most IT projects require involvement from multiple technicians along with a variety of vendors, and input from the client as changes occur. This will require preemptive communication skills to ensure that the completed project matches the client’s expectations.

Our technicians keep detailed records for all projects, tickets, and tasks. We also ensure that the same technician who starts a project is the one who completes it, eliminating technicians having to re-learn your configuration each time.

In keeping our client-first approach, we direct special attention to updating the priority of task lists with our clients as events change, to ensure their most important tasks are always completed first.

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We Hear You.

Our technicians listen with the intent to understand. After our initial meeting notes are taken. An analysis is then performed on the notes along with other qualified technicians. So that a team effort will enable our proposed solutions to match a client’s budget, goals, and needs.

We Are Experienced.

Our technicians have years of experience with a large range of hardware, software, web based applications, manufacturers, tools, and vendors.. Our technicians also have equally as much experience with a wide range of proprietary software and hardware solutions designed for specific industries such as the law, health care, the financial sector, and many others..

Never Condescending

We understand our clients many times can have a limited understanding of technology. We make great efforts to bridge the knowledge gap between a technician and the average user in a way that is never condescending, but rather dignifies the novice user. We respect that technology is not everyone’s forte, and that many people would rather spend time on the things they love..


NTI staffs Microsoft and A+ certified technicians with great experience, handpicked for their great customer service skills.. To pass these certification requires, and only technicians with a great grasp of both hardware and software have obtained these certifications.

Thorough / Proactive

Our technicians create thorough documentation for all of our clients, to minimize repeat questions and simplify troubleshooting future issues. They will also analyze client’s systems for potential security threats, backup issues, antivirus issues, and all potential proactive items that should be addressed to prevent future problems.. We create recurring maintenance lists for all of our clients so a plan is in place to address future issues before they occur..

He was unbelievably patient, smart and resourceful. His approach was amazing!


I will absolutely recommend your company in the future. Thanks again for everything!


He could not have been any nicer or more pleasant. – I was very frustrated and he was very calming.


Consistently prompt response to my calls for assistance. Highly Recommended!


He was able to resolve the problem and went way above and beyond at the end to make sure things were working properly and set up adequately before he left.