At NTI we understand the human factor, an area very lacking with most IT companies. Breaking down complex concepts into simple terms so the non-technical person can easily grasp them. We constantly will receive new clients that switch to NTI out of frustration of working with large IT companies that outsource their staff, causing great difficulty understanding and troubleshooting problems. All technicians at NTI are handpicked for both their customer service skills, certifications, experience, and high level grasp of technical concepts.

We Hear You.

Our technicians listen with the intent to understand. After meeting with clients, detailed notes are taken. An analysis is then performed on the notes along with other qualified technicians. So that a team effort will enable our proposed solutions to match a client’s budget, goals, and needs.

We Understand Your Needs.

Our technicians have years of experience with a large range of hardware, software, web based applications, manufacturers, tools and vendors.. Our technicians also have equally as much experience with a wide range of proprietary software and hardware solutions designed for specific industries such as the law, health care, the financial sector, and many others..

Never Condescending

We understand our clients have a limited understanding of technology. We make great efforts to bridge the knowledge gap between a technician and the average user in a way that is never condescending, but rather dignifies the novice user. We respect that technology is not everyone’s forte, and that many people would rather spend time on the things they love..


NTI staffs Microsoft Certified technicians with great experience, handpicked for their great customer service skills.. We believe this combination along with our NTI customer-first training, creates an experience very different from the many IT companies out there that can have the tendency of seeming like know-it alls or condescending to their clients..

He was unbelievably patient, smart and resourceful. His approach was amazing!


I will absolutely recommend your company in the future. Thanks again for everything!


He could not have been any nicer or more pleasant. – I was very frustrated and he was very calming.


Consistently prompt response to my calls for assistance. Highly Recommended!


He was able to resolve the problem and went way above and beyond at the end to make sure things were working properly and set up adequately before he left.