Why helium destroys iphones?

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Have you thought your iphones are impervious to external elements because it is waterproof or resistant? Apparently it will flat-line if exposed to helium. So the next time you are doing helium voices at a party you may want to think twice if your iphone is sitting next to you according to the article below. 🙂 Of course you likely are not in danger of destroying it unless you are capable of blowing several pounds of it directly at your iphone while it is in a bag. 😉 But with a helium filled bag within 8 minutes the iphone was completely dead. For more information read the article below.


Senior Software Architects Available

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Senior Software Architects Available for Mobile/Web/App Development, English Speaking, American based. Contact us today at 855-527-4221 Extension 1

Designing, engineering, documenting, analyzing and coding software and firmware for over 25 years.
Languages: C, C++, Java, Forth, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Tk/Tcl, Ruby and others.
Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP, CORBA, WSDL, IPC and various telecomms and banking protocols.
Specialties: Real Time Multi-Threaded Communications in Linux, UNIX, Windows and various embedded Operating Systems, Creation of drivers, interaction with custom or standard hardware.

MacBook Pro or Windows Laptop?

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In July 2018, Apple revamped it’s MacBook Pro line at a point when many consumers were ready to or already have jumped ship to more powerful feature full Windows counterparts.. Check out the very thorough YouTube video below to see if you feel the price tag is worth it.. It seems the largest complaint so far is that users are having to buy dongles to support all of their expensive USB-A accessories. Also while many manufacturers have long had touchscreens, Apple executives, including head designer Jony Ive, have defended the company’s decision to eschew touchscreens, saying they wouldn’t be “particularly useful” on a Mac, and might be a “burden” on the weight of the computer. As the result the latest MacBooks only have a “Touch Bar” which you can see demonstrated in this video.

The largest question then will be, can Apple hold on to it’s die hard cult-like following, or will the lower price tagged feature rich windows counterparts, steal the market? If Q1 and Q2 of 2018 are predictors it hasn’t been looking good.. Apple has lost a large percentage of the market share for laptops, while HP, Lenovo, and Dell’s share have increased.. As a mac user myself, and while loving the aesthetics, and rock solid tested hardware Apple offers, I would say the cost to feature ratio is starting to look much more favorable in the windows market then it had 2 years ago. Below are the price ranges for the 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro models Apple released this month.

If money is no object, without question many will still opt for the new MacBook Pro, but the larger question yet to be seen will be if this is the thinking of the market share of people Apple needs for the MacBook Pro to stay a viable, profitable solution to stay competitive in the laptop market.

15 Inch MacBook Pro Cost: $2399-$7200

13 Inch MacBook Pro Cost: $1299-$4200

YouTube Video Review



Password Management Software

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We have done work for many clients over the years who will use their spouse’s name, dog’s name, phone number, or non-alpha numeric short passwords to protect secure data..  Then the same password will be used for all internet services or web sites. At the same time that same password will be written on a post-it note and pasted to their monitor at a busy office.. 😉

Please invest the time in creating unique, complex, alpha numeric, symbol containing passwords that are at least 10-12 characters. This is a very simple change, that will make identity theft, hacking, and fraud much more difficult.

Also invest the time in buying a password management software as shown in the link below from pcmag.com.. This will encrypt, and password protect all of your passwords with a master password, so there is no need to remember them…

The link below from pcmag.com recommends web based password management services highly like lastpass, we do not.. It is much more secure to run an encrypted password management software from your local computer, as having it web based with others passwords causes your data to become a likely target for hackers. Proof of that is that lastpass was hacked in 2015…. although they did explain that encrypted passwords were unaffected..

However, regardless of any of this, it is still much more secure to use a password management software, than to use the same simple easy to guess password for every web based service and web site being accessed..

If you would like a complimentary security or HIPAA analysis at your business or workplace, please call NTI at 651.777.8818.

We would be glad to assist..