Transparent Costs

We make special effort to communicate all costs up front. So there is no sticker shock when the bill is received.. We offer Service Contracts, Fixed Bid, Hourly billing, and discounted prepaid blocks of time, so as to cater to the planned budget of our clients..

Service Contracts

Fixed Bid

Hourly Billing

Prepaid Block

Fast Response Time

We offer our clients guaranteed emergency response times, as we realized that IT issues cannot wait, especially when a mission critical server is not functioning. Because we can resolve 95% of things remotely using the internet, our clients almost never have to wait for travel time, unless a situation arises that requires a physical presence..

Hours A Day
Days A Week
Days A Year

Thorough / Proactive

Our technicians create thorough documentation for all of our clients, to minimize repeat questions and simplify troubleshooting future issues. They will also analyze client’s systems for potential security threats, backup issues, antivirus issues, and all potential proactive items that should be addressed to prevent future problems.. We create recurring maintenance lists for all of our clients so a plan is in place to address future issues before they occur..

He was unbelievably patient, smart and resourceful. His approach was amazing!


I will absolutely recommend your company in the future. Thanks again for everything!


He could not have been any nicer or more pleasant. – I was very frustrated and he was very calming.


Consistently prompt response to my calls for assistance. Highly Recommended!


He was able to resolve the problem and went way above and beyond at the end to make sure things were working properly and set up adequately before he left.